Friday, April 5, 2013

Podcast-Friday the 13th Part 1

Below you can listen to my podcast where I talk about the 'Friday the 13th' film series. I originally envisioned this as just one podcast completely devoted to Jason and all his machete-wielding exploits. However, there are 12 movies in the franchise and as I began discussing the films' production, cast and crew, special effects, release, plot, goofs, and so forth, I realized I was going to need more time. So what I've done is broken it up into two parts. The first part, which you can listen to below, talks about Friday the 13th parts 1-4. I had the most knowledge about those films and as a result had more to say about them. In the next part, which I will post sometime next week, I will talk about parts 5-12. Parts 5-8 were produced by Paramount pictures like the first 4 and Jason Goes to Hell, Jason x, and Freddy vs. Jason were produced by New Line Cinema. The 2009 remake, which I'm considering part 12, was produced by Platinum Dunes. Everything after the 8th part in the franchise features Jason the character but isn't really traditionally a 'Friday the 13th' film, which I will discuss in detail. I'll be honest, my reviews of those films are likely to be shorter and sweeter purely because I don't have the love affair with them that I have with the Paramount films. Nonetheless, they are part of the overall franchise and will get their dues. Anyway, listen to the podcast and comment. Don't forget to check me out on twitter. ChrisPetry89. I will post updates regarding this blog, my projects, and news and plugs about me and things that interest me. Have a good one!


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  1. I love the way you bring the listener into your podcast as if you are talking directly to each person in conversation. You have a soothing voice and professional manner. Kudos to you!!