Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Am a Vampire

It's been talked about to death so I won't even waste your time arguing the point but one must admit, today's vampires are too slick, too young, and too clean. Some have even claimed the Twilight books and films are one big chastity belt in print. At least the first couple. Vampires spend their time trying not to bite people. They find non-human substitutes and mope around shirtless crying about their cursed existence. Well to hell with that! Vampires are supposed to be sleazy, spell-binding, and assertive in their pursuit of the sweet red stuff. So I wrote this quick poem/song emphasizing the perversion, and delight in said perversion, that's missing from these modern vampire soap operas.

I Am a Vampire

You’ve had a taste of evil
I lay ruin to your body and soul
I’ve a had little taste of your blood
And now I’m out of control
One more minute in flesh called heaven
Is worth an eternity in hell
You’ll feel my bite, some random night
When my eyes take you under my spell

It’s sanguination, you’ve never felt
Such sensation, from all the blood I’ve spilt
Now don’t keep me waiting
Keep your window cracked
This hunger’s elating
And I’ll be coming back, again, again, and again
To taste your milky skin

I am a vampire
Outside of space and time
I am a vampire
Of bleeding heart and mind
I am a vampire
Yes, I’m a vampire

I see you licking
A drop of blood from your lips
Give me a taste
Just a bit from your finger tips
And Let it drip
Let it drop into your lap
I’ll find it there
Cause the blood is my X and your eyes are my map

I am a vampire
Outside of space of time
I am a vampire
Of bleeding heart and mind
I am a vampire, oh yeah
I am a vampire, oh, oh yeah
I am a vampire

Now, don’t keep me waiting
Don’t keep me waiting
Don’t keep me waiting no more
I am a vampire

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