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The following is really just a love letter to one of my all time favorite artists and performers, David Bowie. Im a metal head. I routinely listen to Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Saxon, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Dio, Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Deep Purple, Venom, Death but if theres one guy who rocks my head without the aid of corpse paint, blast beats, thrash riffs, or heavy distortion its got to be David Bowie. Hes not for everybody. I get that. Hell, hes so over the map musically that its perfectly reasonable to love 1 thing he does and think the very next thing he does is the worst thing youve ever heard. Me, I evaluate each piece of work he produces for what it is. There really is no other way to process Bowie, because as I mentioned a few lines back, hes everywhere musically. His early work is somewhat reflective of the British Invasion rock popularized by the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. Then theres The Man Who Sold the World, which was his statement on early heavy metal. Its a delicious mixture of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Hawkwind. The follow up, Hunky Dory is a blend of folk, rock, and pop. Then theres The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, a classic glam rock record that laid the path for Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Poison, and Cinderella. Through the years hes changed sounds many times. Hes been rock, metal, folk, blues, soul, glam rock, art rock, dance pop, electronica, industrial, heavy metal, jazz, trip-hop, ambient, experimental, pop, and progressive rock.

Each album, apart from having different musical styles, was an aesthetic reinvention for the artist. Bowie always changed his face and clothing to reflect the mood of the record he was supporting. Hes at times been rather plain looking with a suit and tie. Other times hes played up the gothic/alternative/industrial type appearance. During most of the 70s he featured strange brightly colored hairdos, bushy inconvenient shoulder pieces, striped frayed pants, albino white skin, oddly colored eye contacts, glitter, and blush. Essentially, he was Lady Gaga years before her mom and dad combined DNA.

Today I have posted pictures of Mr. Bowie throughout the years. Just scroll through these images and you will see a human being (an artist) evolve before your eyes. If youre a fan of his music it should be an even greater pleasure. Then I have posted samples of different eras of his work musically. If you havent explored his back catalogue and its barrage of different sounds, then let this be an introductory course to one of the worlds greatest musicians. One of the few people who have truly inspired me and my work. One of the few peoples whose voice and reason has kept me from committing suicide via chainsaw in my darkest hours. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. David Bowie. 

                                                                  David in 1967 (Age 20)

                                                                 David in 1969 (Age 22)
                                                                  David in 1972 (Age 25)

                                                                 David in 1974 (Age 27)

                                                                David in 1975 (Age 28)

                                                                   David in 1977 (Age 30)

                                                                David in 1980 (Age 33)

                                                                David in 1982 (Age 35)

                                                                  David in 1987 (Age 40)

                                                                David in 1992 (Age 45)

                                                                 David in 1995 (Age 48)

                                                                David in 2000 (Age 53)

                                                                 David in 2004 (Age 57)

                                                                  David in 2007 (Age 60)

                                                       David in 2013 (Age 66)

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